The nursery is for children ages birth to age 3.  Please call the office at 304-343-3837 for updates.

Family Education

St. Matthew’s welcomes children during our worship services! The Circle of God’s family is incomplete without them! Children are encouraged to take active roles during the 10:30 a.m. service each Sunday. We hope families continue with questions and discussions at home after the service. Our sanctuary offers a children’s resource area in the back of the sanctuary, and a youth resource table in the vestibule. Children can serve as greeters and assist during the Offertory.

From ages 10-18, our youth serve as acolytes (altar servers) at our Sunday morning worship (10:30am), participate as readers and other active roles in the worship service and do service projects. Special events, training sessions and other events are ongoing. Please contact our Director of Family Ministry for more information.

St. Matthew’s family education includes an intergenerational Sunday School between the services with fellowship, Bible study, crafts and more. All ages from child to adult are welcome to be a part of this program called “LIFT”- living in faith together. LIFT is a user-friendly resource that brings intergenerational groups together around tables for four activities: sharing food, enjoying fellowship, worshipping, and studying the Bible. Through these experiences, these relationships will grow and flourish for our shared church family. Each table would have a “table parent” who helps lead the activities for their table only. For more information, please contact the church office at 304-343-3837 for updates, or check our social media sites.

Lift Logo

The format of each LIFT session is:

  1. Gathering of goals and materials for each session, and setting the location
  2. Optional gathering activity for beginning each session
  3. Sharing a snack and/or meal around tables
  4. Reading a Bible Story or Scripture followed by conversation and reflection
  5. Playing together to invite participants to respond to the Scripture
  6. Closing prayer, song, or responsive reading

“The believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to the community, to their shared meals, and to their prayers.” (Acts 2:42)