Email us for Zoom link to 10:30am service, Rite I with Holy Eucharist at 8am
, Rite II with Holy Eucharist at 10:30am


General Information

Worship Times

Rite I with Holy Eucharist at 8am, Rite II with Holy Eucharist at 10:30am. Email us for zoom link to 10:30am service, Rite I with Holy Eucharist at 8am, Rite II with Holy Eucharist at 10:30am. We have a Family Service on the third Sunday of each month including a children’s sermon

Bring a Friend to Worship with Us

All visitors who have been drawn to Christ are encouraged to share our celebration of the Holy Eucharist. We welcome all people and hope that all visitors feel the love of Jesus Christ as they worship with us.

Holy Baptism

Baptism, entrance into Christ’s body, for children or adults is offered in our ministry at St. Matthew’s. Please contact our priest for planning and scheduling baptisms.  In the Episcopal Church, many families choose to baptize their children as babies. Baptism is the means by which we become members of the community of believers.  Baptism is the entrance ritual into being a full member of the Body of Christ.  Baptism can be at any age, but we believe that people should be baptized only once in their lives. We take this commitment seriously; in preparation for the sacrament, there are classes for parents of young children as well as for adults.


Confirmation is a sacrament undertaken by older baptized people fifteen and older and represents a mature commitment to God. This is done in a special service with prayer and blessing by the bishop.


Holy Matrimony is a sacrament of the Church and is properly solemnized in the church. Arrangements should be made with the clergy in advance. Please note: pre-marital instruction is required, and while some exceptions may be made, Lent is not an appropriate time for marriages to take place.


Funerals ought to take place from the church. When a parish member dies, it is fitting that the Burial Office and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist take place at St. Matthew’s. At the time of death of a loved one, please notify the clergy at once. 

Pastoral Needs

In times of pastoral needs such as illness, hospitalization, death, bereavement, and other personal crises, please inform the clergy immediately. Our clergy are eager to offer prayers and provide spiritual support


Acolytes assist the priest with our worship. They have several supporting duties to carry out, such as carrying the processional cross and candles, escorting the gospel procession, assisting the priest when he receives the gifts, and assisting the celebrant during communion.  This is an important and helpful ministry available to boys and girls ages ten and up and who are mature enough to participate.  The priest and acolyte director conducts training and refreshers periodically during the year for our acolytes.  The schedule is typically provided quarterly and sent to each altar server family.  For scheduling information or questions, please contact us at

Lay Eucharistic Ministers & Schedule

The mission is to help communicate the Word of God at all services.  Members of this ministry read God’s word at services, lead prayers, assist with the distribution of communion.  If you would like to help, enjoy public speaking and would like to share your talents, please consider joining this ministry

Lay Eucharistic Minister Training: The head of this ministry and the clergy conduct training and refreshers periodically during the year for our Lay Eucharistic Ministers.

For more information, contact Greg Tieman at

Music at St. Matthew’s

Adult Choir Rehearsal

7:30 p.m. Thursday evenings during the school year in the choir loft. New voices are always welcome! Contact Choir Director John Marshall for information at

NOTE: Our choir does not sing during the summer. During those months, we are blessed with anthems performed by soloists, instrumentalists and small groups from the St. Matthew’s community and beyond.)

The Episcopal 1982 Hymnal may be found online at